Sake Akitora Junmai Ginjo

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Prefecture: Kochi

Grade: Junmai Gingo

Polishing: 50%

Rice Type: Nishiki Polished Rice

Alcohol: 15%

Sweetness: Medium Dry

Volume: 720ml

Best Served at: 10C

Akitora is loved by everyone. They embody the spirit of "jizake" (local sake) by using local rice and water from the Akano River to create their distinct Kochi Sake. While the Sake from this region is typically light and dry, Akitora are versatile that can be enjoyed both on its own and with food. One of the unique aspects of their brewing process is their use of classical music, which adds a touch of whimsy and dedication to their quest of making exceptional Sake. The Sake are blended of humor and dedication.

Arimitsu Sake brewery, located in Kochi with its excellent water, specializes in making gentle-tasting sake that pairs well with various dishes, including flavorful Singaporean cuisine. Their sake is renowned locally, especially in the southern region, for its exceptional quality.They've won top awards like the National Sake Appraisal Gold Award and the Kura Master Gold Award.