HOLA Spain

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Return Policy

To protect the provenance of delivered wines, exchange and returns are not allowed.

Corked Wines

While we make every attempt to provide wines of good quality and provenance, we cannot guarantee the personal 'drinkability' for every bottle we sell. It is the industry standard that older wines are purchased "as is" and at the buyer's risk as to the drinkability of the wine. This policy includes "corked" wines (those tainted with TCA and smell of wet cardboard). This wine fault occurred during the cork selection process and is completely out of our control. For the aforementioned reasons, no refund or exchange will be granted.

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Discover your major wine regions of Spain and let us know your favorites!

2017 Bodegas Abel Mendoza Monge Jarrarte Crianza & 2019 Bodegas Aster Crianza - two great red wines made with native Spanish grape Tinta del Pais which is a synonym for Tempranillo. Rioja red wines are more known for blended grapes but this red is 100% Tempranoillo. Compare the styles of two major sub-regions in Spain.