2020 Moss Wood Ribbon Vale Elsa Sauvignon Blanc

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Country: Australia

Region: Margaret River

Grape(s): Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon

Vintage: 2020

Type: White Wine

Volume: 750ml

Margaret River (known locally as "Margs") has an international reputation for great wines. Famous for having a more "European" wine style than its counterparts across the country.

We have upgraded our Elsa since 2019 with a new wine making technique to make more delicious and also added 10% Semillon to add complexity to the nose and depth to the body even at this small addition. Grapes were harvested on 15 Feb 2020 and bottled on 15 January the following year. Various yeasts were introduced to add more complexity. Limited oak flavours yet will not miss to have the benefits of the improved palate weight from fermentation in small oak, as well as the evolution of the yeasty, bready notes as the wine ages on lees.  

Established in 1960s, Moss Wood is the second oldest estate of the Margaret River Region. The first Cabernet Sauvignon vines were planted at Moss Wood in 1969. Clare & Keith Mugford, as winemakers, viticulturalists & proprietors, have been making wine & tending the vineyard at Moss Wood since 1984 & 1979, respectively.

Moss Wood's first vintage with 250 cases of Cabernet Sauvignon. Semillon & Pinot Noir planted. Their exacting viticulture ensures the production of grapes of excellent quality & they have created a stable of fine wines distinguished by their consistency over each vintage & their ability to age superbly. The Moss Wood & Mugford names are synonymous with uncompromising quality. It is Clare and Keith’s belief that all decisions made in the vineyard, or at the winery, are based on the effect they will have on the quality of the wine.

At Moss Wood we believe wine quality is determined in the vineyard and viticultural techniques are constantly reassessed and informed by current research, both of others and our own. This has seen trials and improvements in trellising systems, soil conservation practices and pruning practices.