2010 Dom Pérignon (Sold Out)

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The 2010 Dom Pérignon is a distinguished vintage champagne, epitomizing the innovation and expertise of the esteemed Dom Pérignon house. This vintage is particularly notable for the challenging climatic conditions in the Champagne region, characterized by a harsh winter, a contrastingly warm spring, and an erratic summer, which presented unique challenges in vineyard management and grape selection. Despite these challenges, the 2010 vintage emerged as a testament to the skill of Dom Pérignon's winemaking team, who expertly crafted a blend primarily of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from Grand Cru vineyards. This careful selection process ensured the champagne maintained the house’s signature style of complexity and elegance, while also capturing the unique character of the 2010 growing season.

In appearance, the 2010 Dom Pérignon presents a luminous gold color with a lively, effervescent quality. The aroma is a rich tapestry of ripe fruit, including notes of tropical fruits like pineapple and mango, combined with hints of white flowers, toast, and a slight smokiness. On the palate, the champagne reveals a surprising combination of intensity and smoothness, with a structured, full-bodied feel balanced by a refreshing acidity. Flavors of citrus, orchard fruits, and a subtle minerality unfold, leading to a persistent, complex finish. This vintage is particularly admired for its boldness and expressive character, a remarkable achievement given the year's challenging weather conditions, making the 2010 Dom Pérignon a highly sought-after choice for collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate a champagne with a story of resilience and excellence.